The Technology Incubator Programme (TIP), is a programme at BITS Pilani, Goa aimed at boosting the tech culture on campus. We at TIP have a team of enthusiastic and seasoned mentors in every field related to technology. Students can join mentors in their projects or come up with ideas of their own. The mentors help beginners in learning and completing projects by pointing them in the right direction, solving their doubts, answering their queries, and assisting them in getting past obstacles.

There would definitely have been times when you wanted to make something but had no idea how to even start.

TIP is there to help you.


We've got experienced mentors working in several fields of science and technology.

Semester 2, 2015-16 mentor list to be announced.


The questions we're asked very often. Your question isn't here? Don't worry — get in touch with us.

Q. How are mentees selected?
A. While doors are open to all for pursuing any of the projects, it is sometimes easier to work when mentees have some prior knowledge about certain aspect(s) of the project. Don't worry though, as we make sure that we hold the hand of anyone who knocks on our door. Mentors help such mentees with any basic concepts that might be considered as prerequisites for the project.

Q. How are mentors selected?
A. Mentors are selected based on the following criteria:
 • Project idea
 • Plan of action submitted by aspiring mentors
 • Projects completed in the past

Q. How are project topics selected?
A. Our ultimate aim is to incorporate projects from all the branches of study and improve the overall technical culture of engineering colleges. In order to do so we believe in incorporating projects from all the branches possible and also promote inter-disciplinary projects. So, if there is a project idea brought up which incorporates a new area of study and if the project is feasible, it is selected as a project under TIP.

Q. On what criteria are the certificates awarded?
A. The certificates are primarily awarded based on the performance of a student in the project. We want to see how much of the project has been completed by the mentee and how well versed the mentee is with the concepts which the mentor intended to complete at the start of the course.

Q. Do mentees have to pay anything?
A. No. We believe that knowledge should be dispensed free of charge.